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A german philosopher - Mathilde Ludendorff (1877-1966)

In this video it is introduced a pagan, pantheistic, naturalistic and "völkisch" philosophical thinking about the human responsibility concerning human diversity and spiritual experiences. The assumption is made, that the influence of this sort of thinking in modern life is necessary, if the demographic and cultural survival of the people of the northern hemisphere should be ensured.

This is my first video talking to an english-speaking audience about the pagan German völkisch movement, especially about the history and presence of the german "Ludendorff movement". In the last weeks some attention for this movement has been raised by the german "Volkslehrer" Nikolai Nerling. And by this I have been encouraged to talk about this movement on my video channel.

I have written about the history of the "Ludendorff  movement" an my german internet blog "Studiengruppe Naturalismus" all that on blogs since more then ten years, but never have made video's about that.

Ad personam: I am 52 years old. I have studied history, biology and philosophy at german universities in Berlin, Mainz and Konstanz. My master thesis (in 1993) was about the criminal war aims of the british Foreign Office in 1940 and 1941 (1). Since then I am a revisionist historian.

In 1997 I was with human sociobiologist Eckart Voland in Gießen (Germany) for working about a thesis concerning the relationship between kinship altruism and division of labour in human history and human agrarian societies. (It has not been finished yet ...) 

I have a lot of admiration for the work of evolutionary pschologists like Kevin MacDonald, Richard Dawkins, William D. Hamilton and for all those british and US-"giants" of evolutionary thinking, that "walked the earth" (2).

In 2008 I have written a working paper about the demographic benefits of an anthroposophic lifestyle (3). I also have written a lot of articles (in german language) about the the group evolutionary strategies of satanic and occult freemasons and jesuits.

It is easy to recognize that in 1927 the german war hero Erich Ludendorff (1865-1937) had become the founder of the "truth movement" worldwide. He has been the most famous anti-freemason activist ever. E. and M. Ludendorff thought about christianity as a jewish group evolutionary strategy to guarantee the survival of the jewish people in a non-jewish environment. 

I think that there are a lot of reasons to talk about Mathilde Ludendorff as the first sociobiologist, as one of the first genuine evolutionary thinkers. Her whole philosophical and psychological work is informed by evolutionary thinking. Her philosophical work is a continuation of the insight of darwinist August Weismann into the immortality of single-cell organisms and its lost by multicellular organisms. 

Her philosophy says: We mortal beings have lost physical immortality to gain spiritual immortality in becoming free conscious beings. In 1920 she as a philosopher made the same claim the famous british palaeontologist Simon Conway Morris made 2003 as a scientist: "Inevitable humans in a lonely universe". She said 1923 - in harmony with the cosmological "anthrophic principle" of 1984: The goal of the creation of the world, the universe was to create a conscious being capable of spiritual, immortal "god experience".

This capacity gives, she sais, every human life a deep spiritual meaning.

Her philosophy has a lot in common with the philosophy of philosophers like Giordano Bruno, Friedrich Hölderlin and G.F.W. Hegel.
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