Montag, 19. Februar 2007

Michael Frayn - a neo-Hegelian?

I like Michael Frayn because of his "Copenhagen". He had done a good scientific work also by writing it. Now he has written a philosophical book (500 pages!). Title: "The Human Touch - Our Part in the Creation of the Universe". I have read until now only a review in the "New York Times". Frayn tries to renew a somewhat form of philosophical idealism in the footsteps of Hegel. I don't think, that he will convince me, but his book seems to be an interesting one:

... Frayn, though, is no neo-Hegelian lotus-eater. He has a healthy respect for the power of external reality to constrain our world-making. Indeed, what makes “The Human Touch” so rewarding is the subtlety and humor with which he examines “the great mutual balancing act.” There may be something godlike in the way we “bring into their various forms of existence all the receding ontological planes of the world we inhabit,” but we are also at the mercy of that world’s whims. A brick to the head and the whole show comes to an end.
As to whether Frayn will push philosophy in an idealizing direction, I’m not so sure. The last time I asked a couple of philosophers what they had against idealism, they chucklingly replied that if it were true, they’d have made a world in which they were twice as rich.

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