Freitag, 16. Oktober 2009

About "Studium generale"

In the "profile" there is not enough space to give an acount of my interests in science and research. So I like to give this here.

I have studied history, biology and philosophy.

At the moment I'm interested in ...

... the evolution of (professional) commitment in complex societies: Especially in the relationship between kinship-altruism and the divsion of labour in complex societies. (The evolution of the "Prinzip Verantwortung".) Theory (W.D. Hamilton's r>C/B) proposes, that a) commitment (= altruism), b) the grade of economic complexity of a society and c) its demography are interwoven and connected with each other - not exclusively but also - via kinship-altruism. And that means: kin-recognition and the finetuning of the grade of genetic relatedness between people in historical and current societies via endogamy/exogamy could be pivotal in the long run. And because of that there is also an interest in a lot of empirical questions like

- the demography of complex societies, their "Bevölkerungsweise" (in the word of Gerhard Mackenroth), their "demographic regimes".

- the archaeological research about the first complex societies of humankind: the pre-pottery and pottery neolithic cultures in the Near East and Europe, their demography and their division of labour.

- the research about the economic and social history of pre-industrial European farming societies, their demography and their division of labour.

- the reproductive benefits of religiosity ("Evolutionary Religious Studies").

- Lewontin's Fallacy (= ideology instead of science).

But I'm interested also in general questions

... about biological evolution (e.g. Joachim Bauer, Simon Conway Morris) and in all new trends in human genetics and sociobiology, in "group selection theory" and "social brain theory" (Robin Dunbar),

... about the evolution of altruism and spite, deception and self-deception, cheating and cheater detection, especially ...

... about the history and current political influence of Intelligence Services, Lobby groups, freemasonry, political murder, corruption, disinformation and manipulated democracy (e.g. Regina Igel's "Terrorjahre"; Wolfram Baentsch's "Doppelmord an Uwe Barschel", Kevin MacDonald's "A Culture of Critique"),

... about the philosophy of a naturalistic worldview and

... about new forms of non-monotheistic religiosity and philosophy in the 20th and 21st century in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

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